FREE Delivery!
on orders of £300 or more for Building Materials and on orders of £300 or more for Tiles

Simply look for the logo to enjoy Free Delivery on selected items throughout the store. If the items in your order which qualify for 'Free Delivery' total £300 or more, your Delivery is FREE!, but this DO NOT APPLY FOR TILES. Our Delivery Policy for Tiles Only is as follows:

KikBuild Tiles offers a great selection selection of an extraordinary quality and according to your budget. Please have a look to our Tile Collection and if you need more information please contact us. FREE DELIVERIES apply for a Minimum Purchase of £300 for Tiles. If your order is less than £300 please read the Chart on the main category section.

We provide and consider a FREE DELIVERY TILE SAMPLE when you buy ONLY ONE TILE. PLEASE DO NOT order more than one Tile as Samples, because they will be treated as a Buying Order and you could be charged for the delivery.

*All Prices Include VAT