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KikBuild Plaster Bags are designed for use on a wide range of backgrounds from low suction (plasterboard) to medium-high suction (gypsum or cement-based undercoat plasters). They are also suitable for use on dry undercoats (dampen background first) and damp undercoats.

For a smooth, flat and high quality finish KikBuild Plaster Bags are easy to use and only require the addition of water to prepare it for use.For any more information on this or one of the other products in our range please contact us on +441202 269740 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you further, or contact us directly using our Live Chat icon or via FaceTime

PLEASE NOTE:Return Policy on plaster products:Due to the volatility of plaster products, once delivered or collected we regret that we are to accept materials back for credit. Smooth Finish and High Quality Plaster Bags including Fire Protection Plaster Bags and Cost Effective Plaster Bags, Kikbuild Plaster Bags are your Best Option.