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SOLEK Heat-Reflective Multiwall Roofing SHEET

The Axiome® and SOLEK® Roof Sheets Range

One of the widest selections of multiwall globally and KikBuild offers the Roof Sheets Full Range. To cater for the huge diversity of applications, a broad range of thicknesses and sheet sizes to suit virtually every eventuality.

The Axiome® and SOLEK® Roof sheets comes in different Roof Sheets colours Clear, Bronze and Opal and SOLEK® as Heat Reflective Multiwall Sheet

Axiome® glazing sheets provide a lightweight and robust solution that can be used in many varied applications. Available in at least five thicknesses Axiome® is manufactured in a huge range of sheet sizes to suit virtually every eventuality providing probably the widest selections of multiwall globally. The use of this versatile product is increasing all the time, due to its inherent properties making it lightweight, flexible, strong and safe.

Solek® pre-inserted sheets prevent over 80% of the sun’s solar energy entering a roof resulting in up to 40ºF decrease in internal temperatures during the summer months. Unlike conservatories fitted with traditional blinds, Solek® does not become a dust trap or unsightly obstruction inside the construction; the roof remains visually transparent as opposed to the opal effect of many other heat reflective sheets. A Solek® roof stays cooler in the summer allowing better use of the building even during the hotter days.

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