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KikBuild Roof Glazing

Roof Glazing has always been a challenging task; rewarding if it goes well, and expensive if it doesn’t. KikBuild supplies of ALUKAP®-XR and AXIOME puts paid to uncertainty. With a proven gasket system, concealed xings and reduced installation time, it’s an all-round winner!

With no plastic components, superior waterproofing and neat aesthetics, AXIOME and ALUKAP®- XR’s excellent performance makes it suitable for a huge variety of applications. Available in two bar widths, plus a range of specialised bars to match, all with quality aluminium end caps, ALUKAP®-XR provides the ultimate Roof Glazing Solution for even the worst weather. High quality xings and gaskets are included with every bar, with a number of rafter gasket options available too. Samples of AXIOME and ALUKAP®-XR are readily available on request.

KikBuild as a Clear Amber's distributor specialises in supplying plastic and aluminium extrusions, creating globally unique systems, which give us a leading advantage. With two decades of experience building a team of professionals, KikBuild distributes Clear Amber innovative products for the glazing, construction and the healthcare markets. Our mission is to give our customers the Best Products with innovative and specialist team to support our customer's needs, and provide them with an unrivalled service, so that our customers are the winners! Our vision is to provide excellence in providing manufactured materials in plastics, aluminium and rubber extrusion, creating systems that provide significant benefits to the sectors we serve.

Common uses: ✓ Carports ✓ Greenhouses ✓ Canopies ✓ Smoking Shelters ✓ Verandas ✓ Covered Walkways ✓ Swimming Pools ✓ Factory Partitions ✓ Cycle Shelters ✓ Vertical Glazing

Qualities: ✓ Superior Weather Resistance ✓ All Aluminium Components ✓ Class Leading Aesthetics ✓ Installer Friendly ✓ Reduced Installation Time ✓ Concealed Fixings ✓ Manufactured From High Quality Aluminium ✓ No Plastic Connections
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KikBuild Glazing Bar Alukap-XR 45mm 3.0m RG WH Alu E/Cap Glazing Bar Alukap-XR 45mm 3.0m RG WH Alu E/Cap

KikBuild Alukap-XR 45mm Glazing Bar 3.0m RG WH Alu E/Cap

Alukap®-XR 45mm Roof Glazing Bars are a world-renown glazing systems designed to secure glass or multiwall polycarbonate to hardwood, steel, or any other substructure.

KikBuild offers the Best Quality Roof Glazing Bars

  • Ideal for hardwood or steel rafters or frames
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Concealed fixings
  • Protected Gaskets
  • All aluminium components
  • Class leading aesthetics
  • Installer friendly
  • Reduced installation time
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium
  • No plastic connectors or endcaps

Common uses
  • Hardwood Orangeries or Conservatories
  • Commercial Canopies
  • Covered Decking Areas
  • Carports
  • Bike Shelters
  • Bus Stop Shelters
  • Verandas
  • Covered walkways
  • Swimming pools

Our Price: £113.28 Inc VAT